Exhausted with searching online for resources and guidance on how to start your own beauty vending machine brand?  Overwhelmed with trying to learn the steps to starting your brand on your own?


I’ll give you action steps you can take TODAY to help you turn your hobby into a side income, so you can:

Scale your business with less effort and less of your time wasted

Quit your 9 to 5 job FINALLY!

Take more days off to spend time with family and friends
 Generate revenue even on your days off!

FUN FACT: Vending machine business owners make on average $2k-10k/month!

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How to Build A Profitable & Efficient Beauty Vending Machine Brand In 4 Months or Less!



During this Free Masterclass You will Learn:

✓How to purchase your first vending machine!

✓How to efficiently market your brand!

✓How to get contracts with venues!

Maxine R. Pittman, MBA Beauty Founder,  Online Course Creator, Goal Digger, Vending Machine Expert

About Your Presenter:

Maxine R. Pittman, MBA | Beauty Founder,  Online Course Creator, Goal Digger, Vending Machine Expert

Maxine went from exhausted working a 9 to 5 job
(while still struggling to pay off debt and find financial freedom).....


  • Going viral (3x) on Instagram and Twitter
  • Publishing my own ebook for vending beginners
  • Achieving 6 contracts in 4 states in LESS THAN 6 MONTHS!
  • Achieving 3 Airport Certifications to become a certified airport vendor
  • Becoming an internationally known beauty founder
  • Getting interviewed by podcasts, magazines, blogs and outlets all over the world

Thanks to Starting her own beauty vending machine brand!


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As Seen in...

Hi, I’m Maxine!

  • West Coast Born & Raised
  • Sushi Lover
  • World Traveler
  • Aquarius
  • I Journal & Love Affirmations 
  • Shows I'm Binging: White Lotus & Virgin River (I love a good Hallmark movie, y'all!)
  • Internationally Recognized Beauty Founder

But apart from the labels - my purpose in life is to educate and mentor other business owners to help them create efficient and profitable brands they are proud of.


Let’s get you up and running so you can STOP struggling with intrusive thoughts of how to get started or how you’re going to do it. Start learning how to make PASSIVE income from an established brand that has done it before.


Let’s get you aligned with HOW you want to build your brand selling items you LOVE, so you can stop “grinding” and start building a sustainable brand with a name for yourself. Learn the proven roadmap to help you become a beauty business beast in this new niche industry!


Let’s take measured steps (installing your first beauty vending machine + selling beauty products you are well-versed in) so that your business is efficient + generating passive income for YEARS to come.


I wasn’t *always* in the position of helping thousands of new business owners build their own beauty brands. I literally started this brand in my tiny SoCal apartment with little to no knowledge of hair and beauty products. Seriously - 3 years ago I was working part time night shifts at Sally’s beauty supply stores, juggling working a full time job in Corporate America (dreaming of building a profitable business), and attempting to start a beauty vending machine brand - except I had NO idea how to:

•Secure contracts with popular venues for a vending machine 
•Find hair product distributors 
•Generate sales (like, how do I even price my products?!)
•Find a beauty vending machine supplier
•Scale my brand (without any financial help!)

So I dedicated the next 12 months to hiring coaches, enrolling in e-courses with trained experts, taking free webinars courses, and attending Google/YouTube University (I’m not afraid to say it) until I had built out my entire website, social media platforms, and my own beauty vending machine brand with MULTIPLE locations. 

I built a sustainable beauty vending machine brand and scaled to four high-profile locations in less than 6 months of launching while also going viral twice, with over 300,000 likes and over 1M views on Twitter and Instagram combined. My brand was interviewed by dozens of publications all over the world. We were seen in blogs like BuzzFeed, featured by The Shade Room and interviewed by beauty blogs like Byrdie and Hello Beautiful (just to name a few!). We’ve had celebrities, influencers and women all over the world tag us telling us how much they love our pretty, pink vending machines! 

I’m here to tell you that EVERYTHING you desire is available to you. The freedom to work for yourself and create your own schedule, without being tied to someone’s clock. The fulfillment that comes with making your own money from a brand you built. The financial security to quit your 9-5 job and begin doing all the things you’ve always dreamed of.