Your Beauty Supply Favorites, Just Smaller!

What if you could carry your haircare routine with you? Well, now you can! Shop all your beauty supply favorites in small, easy, convenient travel sizes!

We have different vending machine locations!

From Atlanta to California, we serve women of color and we care about their hair. Drop by any of our machines to find out what we are all about!


Which Tress Obsessed Girl Are You?

The Active Curly Girl: She has an active, on-the-go lifestyle. She throws a few items in her purse, gym bag or tote and she's ready to go!

The traveler: Her friends know her as the friend with frequent flyer miles! So, she always carries her hair & beauty routine with her—you can find them in her carry on or luggage.

The Sampler: Travel size hair care & beauty don't have to only be for travel or on-the-go. If you are trying a new haircare routine or beauty routine and not quite sure if you want to purchase bulk sizes - start here!