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Tress Obsessed was started in 2019 by our founder, Maxine Pittman, and it originally started as a 24-hour beauty supply idea because Maxine felt Los Angeles needed something "different" in the beauty supply space.

And then in 2020, the pandemic hit. And, after seeing her friends lose their businesses and struggle to pay for leases on office spaces, coffee shops and restaurants while juggling mortgages and rent - Maxine realized she wanted to offer another beauty solution to women of color but in a more flexible way.

Maxine wanted to give curly girls a solution, offering them the beauty supply brands they trust and use at home, but in sizes that were convenient for travel and on-the-go. After traveling all over the world and checking into hotels and resorts in Central America, the Middle East, Mexico and the Caribbean - Maxine realized the complimentary travel size toiletries hotels offer couldn't be used on her hair type. She quickly realized there was a space that needed to be filled for women of color with curly, kinky and coily tresses to provide them with brands they already know and love, just in smaller more convenient travel sizes to take with them on-the-go!

Maxine started the business out of her Southern California apartment after a fascination with vending machine culture all over the world, realizing she could provide women with the haircare brands they already use but serving it to them in a vending machine shopping experience that made it fun and exciting to shop for haircare brands they love without sacrificing their healthy haircare routines while globetrotting and jet setting anywhere in the world!





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